Why is a new pool needed?

The current pool was constructed in 1977.

The life expectancy was 25-30 years.

The current year is the 42nd year in operation and each year becomes more uncertain about continuing operation.

What are the problems with the pool?

  • The main pool has had a leak that has been increasing in size over the years.
  • Filtration system is working, but is under constant adjustment and repair.
  • The pool decking has tripping and slipping hazards due to age
  • The drain field tile that surrounds the bottom of the pole has rock sediment of corrosive nature in it.
  • The pool heater is non-existent
  • The wading (baby) pool was closed by the health inspector

Why can't we just fix the current pool?

Quite simply, we cannot.  The aluminum vessel is experiencing corrosion and may
be paper thin in places.