Frequently asked questions

Below we try to address the most frequently asked questions.

Where will the new pool be located?

The new pool will be located in the same area as our current pool, which is in Meridian Park.

How does the size of the new pool compare to the old pool?

The old pool surface area is 3,776 S.F. and the new pool surface area is 4,220 S.F.

Why does the new pool need to be bigger?

These following items have a direct impact related to the size of our new facility:

a. A zero
depth entry area that allows everyone easy access to the pool.

b. There will be 5 lanes for
competitive swimming as we had with our old pool.

c. We are proposing a water slide plunge

Isn't this a lot of money to spend on something that is only open 3 months out of the year?

Yes it is. The New Pool will provide the park district residents with a community service that is
designed to be used by all ages. It will also show that your residents are willing to invest in our
own future. It will also be a tool to enhance economic development for the businesses of Warren.

How long would the new pool last?

Burbach Aquatic pools have a design life of 50 years. This extremely long design life is created by utilizing several time tested engineering techniques.

Burbach Aquatics requires a full 2 year warranty on projects like this. The industry standard is one year.

Will the price of admission (season passes) go up?

The Black Hawk Park District will annually review the costs involved with operating the facility and then set rates accordingly. At this time, the Park District does not expect a significant change in season pass prices.

Who will operate the new facility?

The Black Hawk Park District will own and operate the new facility.

What is the timeline for the project?

Construction to start September 2020 and the new facility will be open for use in June 2021. (Dependent on Fund raising)

What are my tax benefits if I make a donation?

Your donation is tax deductible and we recommend that you visit with your lawyer or tax professional regarding the benefits in making this donation.

Donations can be spread over a three year period so you can more fully take advantage of tax benefits.

What happens to my donation if the new pool doesn't materialize?

You will be contacted and given the option to have it returned, less prorated expenses, or you can designate it for another park district project.

Who is/are Burbach Aquatics?

Burbach Aquatics, Inc. was established in 1978 and has been providing Municipalities with professional design and consulting services for new aquatic facilities ever since.

Here are some communities in and around Warren that Burbach has worked with: Freeport, Lena, Stockton, East Dubuque, Dubuque.  More info can be found at

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